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Booster Meeting Notes - 11/8/2021

Coaches Report:

Varsity –

• Practice will be from roughly 3:15-5:15 starting 11/19

• 10 wrestlers currently signed up (expecting 18-20)

Jr. High –

• We are still in search of an assistant coach

• Practice will be from 3:00-4:30 starting 11/19

• 12 wrestlers currently signed up

JO Program –

• 1 week of practice in – Coach Ed reports that the kids have been very enthusiastic

about everything. May need to breakup practices because with the growing number

the room is getting tight.

• 4 out of 6 boys placed in the Butler Brawl on 11/6

• Trial period ends on 11/11

• Looking into the possibility of paying an assistant coach

• We will look into having the open/advanced boys practice with the Varsity wrestlers

on Thursday’s with Ed and/or Craig.


• Stromboli – Justine Clark

• Sarris Candy – open around Thanksgiving and keep open through the season –

Stacy Rakar

• Superbowl blocks in February – Can/will Amy G run for us again?

• GPSA Store – open 10/25 through 11/8

• BSN Sports Store - open 11/1 through 11/11

• Lottery Tickets – Denice Postler can get details

• Sure Tip – Stacy Rakar to look into this

• Night at the Races has been tentatively reschedule for January 29, 2022 – Jena

Seymour to take the lead

o We need Chinese Auction baskets

o Table Sponsorships

o Food/Catering options

o Volunteers

Discussion Items:


1. EMBT - High school will be open and staffed on 2/19.

  • Brian O will talk to David Marx and will fill out the FUA

  • 15U or just Youth

  • We will have between 3-4 mats in the gym

  • High School varsity players will run the tables

  • No cafeteria restrictions

  • Need to find out:

    • Masks?

    • Sanitizing?

    • What are we expected to provide?

2. Dawg Duals

  • Sign up genius will be set up for the following:

    • Cafeteria/Concessions – Leslie has agree to help

    • Tables

    • Admissions

    • Setup and breakdown

    • Coaches Room

    • Donations for food from local shops

    • Gretchen & Chris will handle the programs

    • Justine is taking charge of shirts to sell

3. ProgramsGretchen & Chris to coordinate for Dawg Duals. Candace Petry is helping sell ads. Need to reach out to parents as well.

  • Business Card Size ad – $25

  • ½ page ad – $50

  • Full page ad – $100


  • Possible date set for 1/29. Stacy Rakar has reached out to her contact at the Fire Hall on Duncan.

  • Jena Seymour has reached out to local catering companies

5. Jr. High Asst. Coach

6. Gretchen Bennett will be ordering 4 Polo shirts for the JO coaches

7. Stacy Rakar is looking into local Medics to have at JO matches

8. Sponsorship was discussed and those funds will help with warm ups for the JO program. Warm ups for the upper teams are provided by the school.

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

  • 12/11 - Dawg Duals


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