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Booster Meeting Notes - 8/10/2022

Coaches Report:

Varsity –

Jr. High –

JO Program –

  • Singlets – purchase through MyHouse. Find out lead time. Use the design from Nick as a base, have a few changes made to it. Look at last years sizes and use as the baseline for ordering. Gretchen will work with the contact at MyHouse.

  • Start practices 11/1


  • NATR – shoot for February. Football does October, season starts in November, December too busy with holidays, Jan has too many competitions going on.

  • Tailgate – September 23

    • Apples

    • Water

    • Cider depending on the weather

    • Raffle Tickets – preselling

    • Need Sumo Suits – Justine will order

Discussion Items:

  • Registration – Opens 9/1/2022 (early bird until 10/1)

    • Signs can be put out soon. Justine is submitting the needed forms to the Township this week.

    • Registration/Booster Fees: 1st child - $200, 2nd child - $100, 3+ free

      • Include in parent pack what the fees cover

    • Singlet deposit (youth): $75-ish (find out what the cost is per singlet)

    • Volunteer Fee: $200

*Accepting only checks for all three fees – checks need to be separate. Registration/Booster Fee will be due at the MANDATORY parent meeting.

  • Gym Availability for Youth

    • Chad will submit the FUA forms for:

      • Middle School wrestling room for practice. M-F 6:30-8:00 from 11/1 – 2/28

      • Middle School gym for 4 match nights (2 open & 2 novice)

      • Possibly the High School gym for the NHWL end of year tournament (it might be our turn to host)

        • If we are to host, we need to coordinate with Fox Chapel for mats

  • Chad is going to email the NHWL now about the Dawg Duals and EBMT to make sure no other tournaments are scheduled that weekend. (12/10 – 12/11)

  • Brian O. has submitted the FUA for the EBMT

  • Kaylee Update:

    • 8/8 – Kaylee had a Spinal Tap and Bone Marrow Aspiration done.

    • 8/9 – Results show ZERO leukemia cells remaining. She is officially in remission. Now to start the process to prevent it from returning.

    • 8/10 – She was having some reactions to medications and will need to remain in the hospital a few more days. She is working with physical therapy on the reactions.


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