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Wrestling Family Unite!

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Kaylee's Story

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8/9/2022 UPDATE

Kaylee had a spinal tap and bone marrow aspiration on Monday 8/8.  Results show ZERO leukemia cells in her system!!  She is now officially in remission!!  Thank you all for the support, well wishes and prayers - they are working, keep them coming!  Everything they do going forward will be to prevent the leukemia from returning.  Kaylee is for sure #sassierthancancer and #talbottough.

5/17/2022 UPDATE

Kaylee has reached the 29 day, Round 1 of chemotherapy.  Today she went through another bone marrow biopsy and spinal tap to see if progress has been made with her treatments.  Kaylee's parents, Austin and Carly, should find out on Monday what the next treatment steps are.  Kaylee gets tired easily, but remains in good spirits.  She loves receiving cards and messages from her school and wrestling friends.  The family is beyond grateful for the support they are receiving through donations, meal trains and prayers.

On April 14th, our sweet, little, youth female wrestler had her life forever changed.  Little Miss Kaylee had a few days of limping that concerned her parents.  They had taken her to the doctor to see what might be going on and heard the words that all parents fear;  Kaylee has cancer.  Kaylee has been diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia).


For anyone that knows Kaylee, she is full of sass and spunk.  We like to remind her that her sass is her superpower and it's stronger than cancer!  


Kaylee's parents, Carly and Austin will be missing a lot of work as they maneuver through this journey with Kaylee.  A donation account has been set up for expenses they will incur and to help with wages they will lose from having to miss work.  We're shooting for the stars with a $10,000 goal.  Donations can be sent to:

Kaylee's Fund

c/o Gretchen Bennett

3285 Maine Drive

Allison Park, PA 15101

Please make checks payable to: "The Kaylee Manz Family Fund".  Please contact for Venmo or Cash options.

If you are unable to make a donation but want to share your well wishes with Kaylee, please use the above address to send her a card and we will make sure she gets those cards.

Our prayers go out to Kaylee, Carly, Austin, John and Ali


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